Open Source and The Linux Foundation

Community-Based Open Source, The Linux Foundation, & The Open Source Climate Foundation

Basic OS-Climate Foundation Structure

  • The Open Source Climate Foundation will be an “umbrella project” of the non-profit Linux Foundation,
  • It will be funded and governed by members sharing IP, effort, and funding to build a public good that serves their collective interests.
  • A Governing Board of members, plus representative of Academia, Government/IGOs, and Academia, will decide on overall strategy, prioritization of data and modeling efforts, and budgeting,
  • Project level decisions will be managed by Technical Steering Committees using a highly evolved set of rules for efficient, meritocratic, transparent decisionmaking.

Umbrella Community Projects

  • An “umbrella” project is a directed fund established to support multiple technical projects.
  • This allows a single Governing Board to allocate resources in a coordinated way across a variety of projects, with input from Technical and Advisory bodies.
  • The OS-Climate Foundation umbrella will include open data projects as well — very similar open source coding projects, although with some unique aspects.

OS-Climate Foundation Business Model & Governance Rights

  • OS-Climate Foundation to exist an umbrella project of The Linux Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(6).
  • Two tiers of fee-paying members:
    • Premium members will have one full seat on Governing Board, Technical Advisory Council, project-level decision bodies, and other advisory bodies.
    • General Members will have rotating representation on Governing Board, TAC, and other bodies.

OS-Climate Foundation Governance Structure


  • Governing Board decides strategic priorities and budget.
  • TAC sets technical vision, facilitates collaboration among the Technical Projects, and recommends budget and technical decision processes to Board.
  • Advisory Councils created by Board as needed for broader community input.