Planning Team

Truman Semans

CEO of OS-Climate

OS-C Executive Director. Previously, CEO of fintech company Intersect, Partner at management consultancy GreenOrder. Treasury International Economist, US Climate Negotiating Team Finance Lead, Director, Pew Business Environmental Leadership Council. Co-Founder and Executive Committee Member, US Climate Action Partnership (USCAP)

Fred Boltz

Water and Resilience expert. Previously Managing Director for Environment at Rockefeller Foundation.

Eric Butter

Head of Product, Modern Energy. Previously, Head of Technology, Tenor Capital Management.

Isabel Cavelier Adarve

Senior Advisor to Christiana Figueres, Mission 2020. Previously climate negotiator, Colombia.

Rodney Cohen

Managing Director and Co-Head of Carlyle Growth Partners and Carlyle Equal Opportunity Fund.

Chris Davis

Senior Advisor and former Senior Director, Investor Network at Ceres.

Martin Doyle

Professor on Water Science, Policy, Finance, Duke University. Advisory Board Chair, The Internet of Water.

Margaret Gifford

Founder of Watervine Impact and Farmer Foodshare. Previously SVP at Ogilvy.

Bruce Kahn

Board Member, USSIF. Previously Portfolio Manager, Sustainable Insight Capital Management.

Liqian Ma

Managing Director and expert on climate-integrated investing at Cambridge Associates.

Scott Nicholas

Sr. Director of Strategic Programs, The Linux Foundations.

Ria Persad

Founding CEO of StatWeather. Previously modeler and advisor for Goldman Sachs, Duke Energy, NASA.

Gary Rahl

Managing Director, Deloitte. Retired 2018 as EVP and Leader of BAH’s commercial energy and transportation businesses.

Jason Scott

C-Managing Partner at Encourage Capital. Formerly Founding Director, Generation Investment Management.

Deborah Spalding

Deputy Chief Investment Officer, The Common Fund. Previously Chief Investment Officer for State of Connecticut.

Ron Temple

Lazard Asset Management Co-Head of Multi-Asset Strategies and Head of US Equities.

Dan Vermeer

Professor and Director, Center for Energy, Development, and Global Environment (EDGE), Duke University.

Chris Zegras

Associate Department Head, MIT Dept. of Urban Studies and Planning. Head of MIT’s Mobility Futures Collaborative.