Company and External Factor Survey

This Survey will help prioritize and sequence OS-Climate efforts to include company and external climate-related factors in the OS-Climate Data Commons and to bring factors on-line for use in creating scenarios. Survey results will inform specifications for Version 1.0 of the platform and subsequent releases. The Survey can be taken anonymously.

Respondents that decide to share their name, affiliation, and email will receive a benchmarking of their responses relative to other responses when the survey process is complete. Information can be found here for each factor regarding units of measure, industries for which the factor is material (per standards / frameworks); and the standards, frameworks, and other material research on which inclusion in the Survey is based.

We gratefully acknowledge the work of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, the Carbon Disclosure Standards Board, CDP, the Global Reporting Initiative, and the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures of the Financial Stability Board in identifying factors that are important to consider, either because they are financially material to company performance or material in terms of company impact on society.

We further gratefully acknowledge the work of McKinsey & Company and GreenOrder in identifying additional factors material to corporate performance or impact that are not captured in the existing frameworks.